Thank you for your interest in USPTO APANET. To become a member, please consult the membership chairs, Aimee Li (5712724169) or Karen Beck (5712726212). For payroll deduction, please complete the upper section and Section B which authorizes the deduction to be taken from your paycheck. Only the last four digits of the Social Security number are needed.

Ten reasons why you would want to join USPTO APANET

1. To support and promote the diversity goals of USPTO.

2. To educate all USPTO employees about the diverse cultural heritage of the Asian Pacific American community through seminars and cultural celebrations.

3. To assist members of USPTO Asian Pacific American Network in their career and professional development.

4. To foster a working environment within the USPTO that is free of prejudice, bias and stereotypes.

5. To participate in the following committees: Education, Finance, Legislation, Membership, Public Relations/ Otreach, Social, Communication/Website

6. To participate in the following activities: Picnics, Luncheons/Dinners, Happy hours, Parties, Special Celebrations (e.g. Lunar New Year; Moon Festival, Diwali, etc.), Fund Raising (e.g. Charitable; Special Purpose, etc.).

7. To participate in the following programs: Special Interest Seminars, Guest Speakers, Training (e.g. Technical; Legal; Communication, etc.), Career Advancement/ Opportunity Programs

8. To network with other members of USPTO APANET.

9. To network with other APA organizations outside of USPTO.

10. To receive discounts for restaurants and other services.